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When you undertake an executive search for your Non-profit/ Non-governmental organization, you want to receive the best possible applications. People with expertise and experience drawn from our sector. Relying on wide-distribution, general interest boards can get you a big pile of applications, but not necessarily the right ones.


You want a shorter, better list of applicants.


Which is what posting with EDLink will get you. We get your job posting in front of Executive Directors and other senior executives of NPOs and NGOs. Because this is the audience of EDLink. And they are the people who access the postings.


The rates for EDLink postings are competitive. In fact, we can deliver to you the most high-quality candidates per advertising dollar.




  • Single Posting:  $425 + HST
  • 3-Pack of Postings:  $995 + HST        <--- save over 20%!
  • 10-Pack of Postings:  $2,495 + HST   <--- best deal, save over 40%!




  • Fees are solely for the EDLink Job Posting Service, which is limited to providing visibility to your job posting on our site, emails and social media sites, as we may solely see fit, for a period of 60 days from date of original posting.
  • Fees are non-refundable.
  • No representation or warranty is made concerning the number or suitability of candidates arising from this posting.
  • Although EDLink is exclusively targeted to Executive Directors of Non-profit Organizations, we cannot control who accesses the site, and who may choose to view or download posted positions, and we make no representations in this regard.
  • EDLink reserves the right to refuse or take down a posting, either before or after posted, for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, a determination of objectionable content, or any dispute or concern about the legitimacy or validity of any posting, in which case a full refund of fees (in the manner originally paid) will be given.


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